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Scout’s Girls Model Team

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the sisterhood

I am so excited to tell you more about my upcoming model team!

The Scout’s Girls Model Team is a sisterhood and community! We get to know each other, form amazing friendships and are there for one another throughout your senior year.

Each year I look for high school juniors to represent Scout DeNatale Photography during their senior year of high school. As a member of the model team, you become part of a fun group of girls who participate in photo shoots, events and community service projects to help give back to others.

Being a part of this team gives you the opportunity to meet girls you may not normally encounter, bond together, support one another, represent Scout DeNatale Photography in all our marketing, participate in lively photoshoots, and be a part of something unique during your senior year.

Not only do Scout’s Girls receive photos throughout their senior year, but they also become part of the Scout’s Girls Model Team family.

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Meet and greet brunch where I take a headshot of each girl for her to post on social to announce she is a part of my senior model team! (early spring)

A fun group stylized shoot that will be a day long and include hair and makeup. (Summer) (5 digital images included)

As models you get an opportunity to earn rewards! Sharing your experience, telling your friends about Scout DeNatale Photography, and posting photos from your shoots are all ways that you can spread the word and earn rewards such as bonus shoots, cash and more!

Fun events! Throughout the year the Scout’s Girls Models get together for coffee, pizza night and more! We are always looking for ways to get together and grow these friendships that bond us together for a lifetime.

Participate in charity activities: Each year we decide on a charity to work with that may be near and dear to one or more of the models. It is a great way to give back to the community as a group. 

A holiday shoot. (late fall/early winter) (5 digital images included) 

model perks

"Being a part of Scout's Senior Model Team was a highlight of my year! Her work is outstanding and she makes all the shoots so fun and easy going. I mean who wouldn't want cute pictures taken with their friends?!"

"Highlight of my year!"

- Jordan

"Being a part of Scout's Model team was such an amazing experience. I loved getting to create a close bond with not only her, but also the other girls who I got to model with as well. I also loved getting such awesome photos out of the shoots!”

"such an amazing experience"

- Katherine

"The model team was such a fun experience! I got to be with my friends who I love, but also be with such an amazing photographer who makes me feel so comfortable and have an amazing experience to remember! I hope everyone can see what it's like to be a part of this model team!"

"an amazing experience to remember"

- Taylor

"It has been so much fun and Scout makes it so memorable! Scout is such an inspiring woman and always a joy to be around! It has been awesome being on the model team this year!"

"Scout makes it so memorable"

- Bella

"Being a part of Scout's model team was one of the best experiences i have had. The people I met from this team became like sisters to me and we all had too much fun during the shoots. Scout is one of the sweetest and easiest people to collaborate with and her photos are breathtaking!"

"one of the best experiences "

- Kylie

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The application will be emailed to you in February. Fill it out, and hit submit! I will then review all the applications and select my Scout’s Girls Model Team for 2023! 

Those that make the team will find out in a special way! Once you are notified you can celebrate being an integral part of the Class of 2023 Scouts Girls Model Team. Then we will get started having fun with photo shoots, events and more!

Applications are accepted during the winter of your junior year via a VIP process.

In order to be on our VIP list for application for the Class of 2023, fill out your name and email address below!

You will be sent the application in February 2022!

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